Who is Kurt Odom

Kurt Odom comes from a long line of entrepreneurs, specifically those in the construction industry. His grandfather owned a small hardware store in the town that he grew up and his dad built custom homes himself.

Kurt went to college with aspirations to pursue a career in the medical field, majoring in Kinesiology and graduating from Campbell University. Kurt swore off any career in the construction industry after having to work in the hot Carolina sun for his dad every summer.

Yet, here we are.

Kurt and his wife, Emily, moved to Charlotte, NC in 2015 after living in Raleigh for a year after college. Kurt’s career in construction began after moving to Charlotte and working for Pulte Homes for 3.5 years.

The itch to follow in the footsteps of his father as an entrepreneur ran deep and Kurt started his own business, Providence Oak Properties, flipping homes in 2016. Kurt, alongside his wife, successfully ran Providence Oak Properties while continuing to work a full-time job until 2018 when he decided to part ways with corporate America and pursue his own business full time (right after having twins and a 2 year old, might I add).

In 2018, KO Construction was born to continue expanding the construction business with a goal to build spec and custom homes in the Queen City and surrounding neighborhoods.

KO Construction renovates older homes and builds new to reflect the character, charm and history of each individual neighborhood. Both Kurt and his wife, Emily, work together on each project through the build and design, giving each home the unique touch that it deserves.

Why Choose Us?

The mission of KO Construction is to provide each client with a hands-on approach to the building or renovating process to create a space that feels like home, all while maintaining a quality craftmanship that you can trust for generations to come.

Any Questions?

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